Progress… slow & steady :)

We are nearing the end of our home study, wrapping up our physicals and still need to fill out the form for our FBI clearance and fingerprints! Our in home meeting with our social worker is scheduled for early May, and next weekend April 28th we will be having our huge garage sale to raise funds for the adoption. We have had a ton of furniture and other large items donated and we are SO grateful!!! 

We are also excited because our church (Highpoint Church) just started a four-week adoption class led by one of my most favorite friends Jessica Stancil. Last week’s class was so helpful and encouraging. Adoption is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is a hard journey, and while it might seem like bringing your child home is the end of the journey… the real journey is just beginning… the journey of parenting this precious child to love God and love people. 

Matt and I have been working through our required reading, and we are learning a lot. With our daughter, we were training her to be independent from an early age. Training her to be able to fall asleep on her own and self-soothe, things like that. But with this son or daughter, we will be training this child to trust us, to depend on us. Knowing that it is highly probable our child will come from an orphanage there will be issues of neglect and deep grief that our child will be working through. (Note: the orphanage workers are usually wonderful care givers, but because of the sheer number of kids they are responsible for it’s just physically impossible for each child to get much, if any, one-on-one attention.) This changes the way we discipline and train this child. We are learning a lot, and we’ve been referred to the Empowered to Connect blog/conference from multiple people, so this is a resource we will be leaning on a lot. 

So, that’s where we are right now. One day at a time. One foot in front of the other (with a few inevitable steps back too, I’m sure). Specific prayer requests: for baby EEOO, for our birth mom and birth dad, for their protection and that they would know the love of our Lord and Savior. Please also pray that we would be able to know the birth mom (and birth dad’s) names and as much information as possible about them. From talking to other adoption mamas, this is so beneficial to the child. 

Thank you SO much! 

Where did EEOO come from?

Several people have asked, “Where did EEOO (what we lovingly call the baby) come from?” When we first started talking to L about adopting from Ethiopia she got really excited (any talk of babies and she gets very excited). One morning I showed her a video my friend Heather had sent me of some friends of hers going to pick up their precious baby from Ethiopia. L loved the video and she made us watch it multiple times. Whenever we would ask her where her baby brother or sister was coming from she would say, “EEOO!” So, it just stuck… that’s what we started calling our baby from Ethiopia :)

But don’t worry… EEOO will have a real name. We have already chosen names. Now, we just have to wait to find out if EEOO is a girl or a boy.

Our BIG little announcement

Less than 24 hours after writing this post, Matt and I got a very special surprise that came in the form of two pink lines on a dollar store pregnancy test. Yes, the day after we announced our adoption from Ethiopia, we found out that God was blessing us with another pregnancy as well. We were shocked, excited, shocked, thrilled, excited, shocked, amazed and excited. We are less shocked now but more thrilled and excited than ever.

When I saw the positive test, the only thing I could think of was that the night before I had written, “It felt like God was saying, ‘I’m not shutting that door either (meaning another pregnancy). I just need you to trust me on this adoption. I know what I’m doing and my way is best.'” When I thought about the pregnancy math, I realized that two weeks before we announced our adoption when we both told God yes to adoption, not only was God preparing our hearts for one child, He was preparing us for two. One from beautiful Ethiopia and one from my tummy, both of whom have already stolen our hearts.

We’ve had several ultrasounds and check-ups to make sure baby is doing well and everything looks great. I am a little over 12 weeks and this baby is due October 13th. With regards to how this baby affects our adoption, it looks like because of the long wait for Ethiopia (18 months-2 years from the time we submit our dossier this summer) we will be able to move forward with the adoption just like normal. Of course, our social worker has to give her okay but she has given us no indication that would be an issue.

L’s favorite phrase for a while has been “Mo, mo babies!” {said with lots of emphasis and usually while holding 3-4 baby dolls} and I can’t help but think our God has heard her cry and blessed us with mo, mo babies. :) We would greatly appreciate your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a smooth adoption. Right now, I’m trying to take care of a toddler while filling out piles of paper work and being exhausted and sick from being pregnant, but I can guarantee you that I have never been more grateful for all of it. Thank you for your prayers!