You’ve all probably heard that my daughter’s favorite phrase for a long time was, “Mo, mo babies!” She loves baby dolls and sleeps with 3-4 every night. Recently, we’ve been wanting to get her some baby dolls with darker skin so that when EEOO comes home, he or she would see baby dolls with a similar skin tone to his or hers. One thing I love about young children is that they have no “stigma” attached to skin color. Another reason I think God calls us to have “faith like a child.”

L’s birthday was last week, and my mom got her this doll that I wanted to tell you about. It’s from a company called They have six dolls (similar in size to the American Girl dolls), but each girl is from a different country (India, Belarus, Laos, USA, Mexico & Ethiopia.) Mom had heard about the Ethiopian doll and knew she wanted to get one for L. The dolls are beautiful and very reasonably priced (around $30 and available at Target and Toys R Us), and a portion of your purchase price goes to support World Vision efforts in that particular country. L loves her doll Rahel!

In other related news, we got the rough draft of our home study this morning. I reviewed it and sent our social worker a couple changes. I am praying that this will be finalized next week, so that we can send in our I-600 form next week as well! Would you pray that with us? Thank you!