1.6 lbs


That’s what our completed dossier weighs! And it is officially on its way to America World in VA and from there it will be sent to ETHIOPIA!!! YIPPEE!!

What happens next? First, our dossier will be checked by two AWAA staff members. Then, it will be taken to the Department of State and the Ethiopian Embassy in D.C. for additional authentication. And finally our dossier will be sent to Ethiopia within 1-3 weeks of arriving at AWAA. Our DTE date (dossier to Ethiopia) is the Friday of the week the dossier is mailed to Ethiopia. And on this same DTE date, we will receive an email from our Ethiopia Family Coordinator with the FedEx tracking number for our dossier’s journey to Ethiopia! 

Oh, and about the money… as we knew He would, God provided every last penny in amazing and miraculous ways. Now, we begin saving up and raising funds for the next leg of our journey, when we get our referral in 18-24 months (estimated length of time). 

I have cried many, many happy tears today. Every time I say DTE, I tear up. EEOO, you may not even be born yet, but you already have my heart. I love you so much. 

P.S. Our pic is a little fuzzy but I was so grateful to the man at FedEx for taking it! (And for giving L a FedEx frog stuffed animal :)

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