DTE official date! YAY!

We received word from our Family Coordinator today that our dossier looks good. Our police letters were notarized by someone whose notary expires Nov 2012, and AWAA recommends that all notaries not expire for at least one year. We don’t get to choose our notary with those police letters so that was sort of out of our hands. Our Family Coordinator says she has never seen an issue with this in Ethiopia so she is fine with sending our dossier ahead. 

So… our official DTE (dossier to Ethiopia) date will be next Friday, August 31st!!! This date begins our official wait which is currently estimated to be between 18-24 months (longest pregnancy ever, huh? :) So, now we wait and pray and wait and pray and wait and pray. 

Specific prayer requests…

-The health of our child (both physically and emotionally as our child will go through great loss)

-Our birth parents (their health both physically and spiritually)

-The workers at our child’s orphanage

-Lots of patience for Matt and me as we begin a long wait

-Funds, we have about 15K that we need to raise for travel, visas, court costs, etc. 

It is still hard to accept that our child will go through such intense loss in the first two years of his or her life, and even harder knowing that we won’t be there to hold him or her through those hard, hard days.We greatly appreciate your prayers.

Also, an update on the quilt… we have so many squares already on there and yesterday we received another generous donation from a couple at our church. The generosity of our friends and family has just blown us away. If you’d like to give, we would be so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

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