Several people have asked us some questions that I thought I’d put out here in case anyone else was wondering too…

-What is the time frame? Current estimates for Ethiopia are 18-24 months from your DTE date, so 18-24 months from right NOW! Spring-Fall 2014.

-Will we be getting a newborn? We have requested a child between 0-2 years, but because of the process it takes for an orphan to be processed and then because of travel arrangements, etc. our child will most likely be 9 months- 2 years old.

-Will our child be a boy or girl? We don’t know! We did not specify a gender. In Ethiopia, you can specify a gender, but we didn’t have a preference so we didn’t specify! Right now, girls and boys are pretty much equal in availability.

-Will we travel to Ethiopia to get our baby? Yes! We travel twice actually! The first trip, we will go over there to meet our child and petition the court to adopt this child. Then, we have to go through the heartbreaking time of leaving our child in Ethiopia and coming back to the states while we wait for visas to be processed. Once that is finished, we will travel again to Ethiopia to bring our child home! Our first trip will be 5-7 days and our second trip will be 3-5 days.

-Will L & Pumpkin go to Ethiopia? Because of their ages and jet lag and costs, they will not travel with us. Matt and I want this time to spend solely on this child. L & Pumpkin will be having a blast with grandparents in the states.

If you have other questions, I’d love to answer those as well! Just leave me a comment!

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