5th grade

When I became best friends with Em & Kimmie in 5th grade, I could never have imagined that twenty years later they would help me bring my baby home. I love these girls so much. They are my BFFs, and they have both had such a huge part in our adoption journey. Emily and her sister Molly have created beautiful journals that they are selling to raise funds for our adoption. Em sent me two and they are so beautiful. For more information, visit Em’s blog at http://www.ethanandemily.blogspot.com. 

Em, I love you to pieces and I’m so grateful for your encouragement and friendship the past twenty years. BFFs for life :) 

While we wait…

Our dossier is officially at its destination. Thank you, Jesus! And now we wait… Some people have asked me what it’s like during the waiting process. What emotions do I feel? What’s it like to wait for a baby I don’t carry in my tummy? A baby I don’t feel kick and never see an ultrasound?

I remember after the miscarriages feeling so lost because I thought, “How can I love someone so much, someone I’ve only known about for a month, someone I’ve never seen and never felt?” But our God is big and He knits together families as only He can. When God called us to adopt, He put this longing in our heart for a child that I would never carry in my tummy but would carry in my heart from that day forward. In the same way I dream about what Pumpkin will look like and whether Pumpkin is a boy or a girl, I think about the same things about EEOO. We have picked names for EEOO just like we have for Pumpkin. God works as only He can and He puts this desire on your heart than only He can fulfill with His perfect plan for your family. So, just like we have while we’ve waited for Lydia and now Pumpkin, we dream and pray and wonder and imagine what EEOO will be like and how God will use this precious child to change His world.