Waiting Game

Thank you to everyone who has asked about our adoption recently. I wish we had an update, but we are just in the waiting game. We get weekly updates from our adoption agency (America World) and they are telling us the current wait time for a healthy infant (0-2 years old) is about 24 months. So, that means we’re looking at fall/winter 2014 to get a referral.

We have several fundraising projects that we are beginning to work on…

I will soon be starting construction of the quilt that we will take over with us on our first trip to leave with our baby. Matt is working on a coffee fundraiser. And we’ve got a couple more ideas in mind too.

We wanted to be able to take a break from adoption fundraising while we celebrated C’s arrival, but even in our “break” God was still at work providing in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Our sweet friends Emily and Molly made and sold journals and raised $700 for our adoption. When I opened the card up, I was stunned and crying. A couple we knew from our old church in MS had raised money for an adoption they were hoping to do and when it became apparent that it wasn’t going to work out, they very generously sent us part of that money to use for our adption. People continue to send us checks for their t-shirts and I just smile every time. God continues to provide, and it’s been a thrilling ride to see how He works.

Please pray for people who are in the process of adopting from India. Indian adoptions are slowing way down, and this is affecting two friends of ours. It also raises fear in my heart of something similar happening in Ethiopia, but I know that I can’t control that. I have to trust God and His plan.

Thank you for loving us and encouraging us while we wait.

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