While We Wait

Right now, there are at least a dozen tabs open on my browser. Every week, we get more information from our adoption agency, AWAA. Some weeks it’s medical info (Apparently, Ethiopians can sometimes carry a gene that causes them to break down codeine into morphine much more quickly than others, so this is something we need to check with our pediatrician about.) Some weeks it’s language and culture info (the primary language in Addis Ababa is Amharic.) And a lot of the weeks it’s training in how to communicate with a child who has been institutionalized (meaning in an orphanage). All that info can be very, very overwhelming. But it’s all important, so Matt & I are trying to learn as much as we can as fast as we can. 

Recently, many people have asked how things are going. I usually answer, “We’re just waiting.” But that isn’t really a good answer. We aren’t just waiting at all. We are learning, praying, listening, reading. I’ve mentioned before how much this journey is stretching me, and that’s certainly never been more true. But I could never have imagined that through our miscarriages and infertility and now through adoption, that God would be crafting in me a ministry, a heart that cares deeply for other women in the same place. 

So, yes. We are waiting, but we are running while we wait. Running to learn. Running to understand better. Running to our knees. And with each step, we are one day closer. 

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