Crazy, chaotic & amazing… that’s how I would describe my life right now. And I’m loving every minute of it. My most treasured roles are wife to my best friend and biggest fan (who also happens to play a fierce game of Scrabble) and mom to a three year old who loves tutus, sparkles and anything pink and a seven-month-old baby girl with the biggest blue eyes. We are, on most days, running five minutes late and looking like a hot mess, but this is the life I dreamed of, wished for, waited on. And I’m crazy grateful for every moment.

Bubble baths, good books, running, Muddy’s cupcakes, Highpoint Church, date nights with my hubby, dance parties with my girls, beach vacations and laughing together with my girlfriends over chips and queso… these are a few of my favorite things. My greatest passions are loving on ladies going through miscarriage, infertility and adoption, serving with my awesome kindergartners every Sunday at Highpoint Memphis and, together with my husband, helping young couples get off on the right foot financially.

Elissa Roberts writes about life, love and learning the hard way at elissawroberts.com.


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